Dr. J.D. (Bob) Seader
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Emeritus
University of Utah
Department of Chemical Engineering
50 S. Central Campus Drive
Room 3290 MEB
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
Phone: (801)581-6916
Email: J.Seader@utah.edu
B.S., (Summa Cum Laude), 1949, University of California, Berkeley
M.S., 1950, University of California, Berkeley (under Charles W. Tobias)
Ph.D., 1952, University of Wisconsin, Madison (under W.R. Marshall, Jr.)
Chevron Research Corporation, 1952-1959
Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation, 1959-1965
University of Idaho, 1965-1966
University of Utah, 1966-2003
Recent Textbooks:

Current Research Interests
  1. Development of new mathematical methods for solving large sets of nonlinear equations to obtain multiple solutions.
  2. Separation Processes.
  3. Process Design
Awards and Recognition

NASA Tech Brief Award, 1971

Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Utah, 1975

35th AIChE Annual Institute Lecture, "Computer Modeling of Chemical Processes," 1983

AIChE Director, 1983-85

Citation Classic for Chao-Seader paper, Current Contents, No. 27, Sept. 13 1982

Computing in Chemical Engineering Award, CAST Division, AIChE, 1988

Best Paper Award for 1990, Computers and Chemical Engineering

Dean's Teaching Award, College of Engineering, University of utah, 12 June 1998

ASEE CACHE Award for Excellence in Computing in Chemical Engineering Education for 2004

AIChE Warren K. Lewis Award for Chemical Engineer Education, 2004. joinly with W. D. Seider

Cited in 2008 by AIChE as one of 30 authors in last 100 years with a groundbreaking book in Chemical Engineering ("Separation Process Principles")

Recent Publications

Seader, J. D., J. J. Siirola, and S. D. Barnicki, Section 13 (Distillation) of Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, 7th edition, McGraw-Hill, New York, (1997).

Jalali, F., and Seader, J. D., “Homotopy Continuation Method in Multi-phase Multi-reaction Equilibrium Systems”, Computers and Chem. Engr., 23, 1319-1331 (1999).

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