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Lecture notes and screencasts are available in the table below.  Notes will be posted prior to each lecture.  Screencasts of the lecture will be posted following the lecture.  Other files & supplementary materials will also be posted below.

Please note that screencasts are provided as a courtesy, and are not intended to be a replacement for in-class attendance.

DateReading AssignmentLecture NotesScreencastOther resources
1/9/2016SHR Chapter 1 IntroductionIntroduction & course organization
1/11/2016Introduction - part 2
1/13/2016N/AMole balancesIntroduction - part 3 (distillation discussion)
Mole balances - part 1
1/18/2016Mole balances - part 2 (tank example)
1/20/2016SHR Chapter 3Fick's LawIntegral to differential balances
Mixture velocities (background to Fick's law)
1/23/2016Molar fluxes, diffusive fluxes, intro to Fick's law
1/25/2017Fick's law, equimolar counterdiffusion example
1/27/2017The two-bulb problem (equimolar counterdiffusion)
1/30/2017SHR §3.3.2Fick's Second LawThe beaker evaporation problem (unimolecular diffusion)
Fick's Second Law & Loschmidt Tube
2/1/2017Fick's second law examples (part 2) (audio problems for the last half)
2/3/2017SHR §3.5Mass Transfer CoefficientsIntro. to mass transfer coefficients. Analogies with heat transfer & fluids
2/6/2017SHR §3.6-3.7Film Theory
2/8/2017Final comments on mass transfer coefficients
2/10/2017SHR Chapter 2Thermo reviewThermo review - part 1
2/13/2017Thermo review - part 2antoine.m
2/15/2017SHR §4.1Single-stage equilibriumDegrees of freedom
Binary VLE - part 1
2/22/2017SHR §4.2(handed back & discussed midterm 1)Brief discussion on Txy diagrams
2/24/2017SHR §4.3Txy, xy (q-line) and azeotropes
2/27/2017Diffusion-refraction experiment & analysis
3/1/2017SHR §4.4Multicomponent flash - part 1
3/3/2017Multicomponent flash - part 2matlab example - bubble point calculation
T-x-y diagram in Matlab

in-class matlab files
3/6/2017Multicomponent flash - part 3
Ternary Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium - part 1
3/8/2017SHR §4.5Ternary Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium - part 2
3/10/2017SHR §6.1Absorbtion & StrippingTernary liquid-liquid systems - part 3
Introduction to trayed & packed towers
3/20/2017SHR §6.3Graphical methods - terminology & operating lines. Note that the beginning of this lecture was cut off due to an audio problem.
3/22/2017Absorption - operating line & equilibrium stages
3/27/2017Brief discussion of number of equilibrium stages in an absorber
3/29/2017SHR §6.7Minimum L/V, Packed towers part 1
3/31/2017SHR §7.1Binary distillationAdsorption - packed towers
Distillation - introduction
4/3/2017Aspen+no screencast
4/7/2017Binary Distillation - part 2
4/10/2017SHR §7.2Binary distillation - part 3
4/12/2017SHR §13.1Batch distillationBinary distillation - part 4
Batch distillation - part 1
matlab file to generate xy diagram for the McCabe-Thiele example problem

Matlab file for the batch distillation example problem (SHR ex 13.1)
4/14/2017Batch distillation - part 2Batch distillation with constant reflux
4/21/2017SHR §15.1-15.2Adsorption
4/24/2017SHR §15.3Adsorption

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