Research Areas

Research Areas in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah

Biomedical and Biotechnology:

Our faculty are developing novel sensors and devices for detecting diseases, delivering drugs, choosing effective therapies and increasing the efficiency of pharmaceutical manufacturing (Magda, Mohanty, Ostafin, Porter and Skliar, Zangle and Zhang).

Energy and Fuels:

Our department continues to be a world leader in fossil and renewable fuel utilization technologies, including advanced combustion technologies for carbon dioxide capture, gasification and catalytic syngas processing, and conversion of biomass and waste to energy and biofuels. (Chitta, Eddings, Fry, Lighty, Nigra, Wendt and Whitty).

Environmental Sustainability:

We are researching the origin and health effects of airborne particulates, making sensors for monitoring air quality and minimizing air and water pollution (Butterfield, Kelly, Powell and Silcox).

Materials and Nanotechnology:

Polymeric, ceramic and nanofabricated materials and devices are being developed for health, energy and environmental applications including disease diagnosis and water purification. (Magda, Jevremovic,, Mohanty, Nigra, Ostafin, Porter, Ring, Zangle and Zhang)

Multi-scale Simulation:

Our faculty are developing unique capabilities in exascale computing of complex physical processes, including verification and validation of processes involving turbulent mixing and reactions (Powell, Saad, P. Smith, S. Smith, Sutherland, Spinti, and Thornock).

Nuclear Engineering:

Our nuclear Engineering group performs cutting-edge research on nuclear reactors, forensics, materials, medicine and sensors and routinely uses the University’s 100 kW TRIGA nuclear reactor for research purposes (Jevremovic, and Ring).

Petroleum Engineering:

Our petroleum Engineering faculty research all aspects of energy production from shales, oil and gas including transportation, reservoir simulation, carbon dioxide sequestration and geothermal energy production (Deo, Hoepfner, McLennan, Pershing, Simmons).

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