Institutes and Centers

The Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah collaborates with other departments and industrial professionals through established institutes and centers. The research organizations with which our faculty are most involved include the following:


The Energy & Geoscience Institute is “ the largest geoscience technology consortium of its kind in the world, with over 60 members in the Corporate Associates Program from 18 countries.” This institute focusses on development of hydrocarbon resources and carbon-neutral geothermal energy for both industrial and governmental applications.



The Institute for Clean and Secure Energygrew from a long tradition of combustion research at the University of Utah beginning in the 1950s and continuing to today’s level of over 120 faculty, staff, and students.” The research performed as part of this institute involves an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis, and simulation of combustion processes. This institute also houses several substantial research projects, such as the Clean and Secure Energy from Coal (CASE) project, which aims to “allow for the clean and efficient utilization of coal in a carbon-constrained world.”



The Intermountain Industrial Assessment Center We provide no-cost energy consulting services to manufacturers in the Intermountain Region. Our assessments typically require one day on site in your facility and we typically identify 10-20% energy and productivity savings.


Program for Air Quality, Health, and Society

The goal of the Program for Air Quality, Health and Society is to “become a national leader in understanding the consequences of air pollution for human health and economic development.” This program was created in December of 2012 and aims to catalyze collaborative research across several departments at the University of Utah.


Nano Institute

The Nano Institute of Utahprovides an organization wherein scientists, engineers and clinicians from across the University, the State and elsewhere work together to attain global recognition by conquering interdisciplinary challenges in nanoscience and nanotechnology.” This institute also houses the Utah Center for Nanomedicine and the Utah Center for NanoBioSensors.


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