Women in ChemE Peer Mentors

Are you a woman in the 1st or 2nd year of the Chemical Engineering program? We have peer mentors available for one-on-one support and advocacy while you strive to meet your academic goals. Being involved in the WChE Peer Mentors Program is also a great networking opportunity. If you are interested in finding a mentor, please read about our mentors and then submit the form below.

Meet our Mentors

Samantha Bidlack

Samantha Bidlack: Samantha is a senior in the Chemical Engineering Department. She is currently the President of Engineers without Borders, a student club that uses engineering skills to help with humanitarian projects. Samantha enjoys hiking with her two dogs, scuba diving, cooking healthy meals, and reading novels. She is looking forward to providing support and encouragement to other women in engineering. She understands the difficulties of learning how to organize your time and the commitment that it takes to pursue an engineering degree. It is something she has struggled with and would love to offer her advice and answer any questions that you may have.


Wimonphan (Winnie) Gee


Wimonphan (Winnie) Gee: Winnie is a senior in the Chemical Engineering Department. She is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. She first came to Utah as an International Exchange Student in high school and loved it here, so she came back again for college. She is a thrill-seeker and love challenges. She loves the ocean: swimming, scuba diving and surfing. She is always excited for the big waves cause by Typhoon. She also enjoys snowboarding and hiking in Utah. Winnie is an explorer, and exploring the world inspired her to change the world with engineering innovation. That is why she wanted to be a chemical engineer. She is also fascinated with nuclear energy and decided to minor in Nuclear Engineering. She has been doing research under the Nuclear Engineering program this past year. She is also working in McDonald Research Group, performing research at the forefront of nuclear forensics. Winnie is excited to support and help women in engineering through the journey and adventure of a college career.

Esperanza Hernandez

Esperanza Hernandez: Esperanza is a senior this year. She decided to go into chemical engineering because she wants to better understand the world around us while also contributing to the development of new nanotechnology. After graduation, she wants to work for NASA and do research on nanomaterials for drug delivery systems and nanodevices. Esperanza is also involved in ChemE Car and enjoys learning about astronomy and the universe. Outside of academics, she likes to dance, listen to music, read and go hiking.




McKenna Buck Johnson: McKenna Buck is currently a second year junior on the 5 year track in the Chemical Engineering Department. She loves being involved in the Chemical Engineering Department and meeting new people. McKenna is currently President of the K-12 Outreach Program, where current ChemE students have the opportunity to visit K-12 schools to get kids interested in engineering. She is also President of the Women in ChemE Peer Mentors Program and would love to see more women in the field. In her spare time, McKenna loves hiking and being outside, and her favorite place is Moab!



Katherine (Kitty) Morgan: Kitty is currently a sophomore in the Chemical Engineering Department. She was drawn to chemical engineering because she wanted to apply her chemistry knowledge to industry. At the moment, her main objective is to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and then begin work in either a food or pharmaceutical company. She loves working with the ChemE Outreach group and highly encourages checking out some of the numerous ChemE clubs that are available. In her spare time, Kitty likes to watch cartoons, draw, cook, and take classes at the Student Life Center. Kitty knows that college is difficult, so she’ll patiently work to give you helpful advice and encouragement.

Katherine Roberts

Katherine Roberts: Katherine Roberts is a junior in the Chemical Engineering Department. She chose to study chemical engineering because of a love of chemistry in high school, and continues with this degree because she’s found challenging material in an exciting field with a supportive environment. She works as a student technician in the Surface Analysis Lab associated with the Nanofabrication Lab on campus and as a mentor with the ChemE Outreach Team. She is outgoing and fun and truly believes that group work is the best work. When not at the library drinking Dr. Pepper, she can likely be found at the gym accidently singing out loud to the music she’s listening to or desperately trying to find a Spanish-speaker to practice her minor in Spanish. She hopes to get to know other women in Chemical Engineering and hopes the through mutual support, we can go further!

Elena Shanin

Elena Shanin: Elena is a senior in the Chemical Engineering Department. She decided to go into chemical engineering because she enjoyed math and chemistry and wanted to do something that would help make a difference in people’s lives. She stayed in the program because this major has made her more passionate about our planet and committed to finding a sustainable future while improving the lives and health of the community. She had an internship at Actavis (now Teva) during Summer 2015 and an internship at Questar during summer 2016. She is President of ChemE Car and highly recommends the club for anyone interested in getting hands-on experience and making new friends in the department. She is also Senior Chair of SAC. After graduating, she plans on completing a Masters in Energy Systems Engineering along with an MBA, and hopes to work on better integrating clean energy into the nation’s infrastructure. In her spare time, Elena loves to spend time outdoors hiking and skiing, practicing yoga, listening to music and going to concerts.

Michaela Stranski

Michaela Stranski: Michaela is a junior in the Chemical Engineering Department after transferring from the University of Illinois. While at Illinois, she confirmed that chemical engineering was the right major for her while working a crazy amount of hours on a process optimization group project sponsored by BP. She ended up taking the lead on that project and loving every minute of the work. Currently, she is working at the Career Services office and loves that it allows her to reach out to other students and help them with their professional goals. Michaela firmly believes involvement with the department is the key to having not only a great time but a successful one while in school. That’s why she joined Chem-E-Car and eventually became Treasurer, as well as a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and Society of Women Engineers (SWE). She understands that transition between colleges can be challenging and would love to pass along advice that has helped her make her transition.

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