Undergraduate Seminar – Chemical Engineering 4753

August 23 – Introduction to seminar, AIChE Officers

August 30 – No Seminar

September 6 – Anna Scott, Technical Manager, Big West Oil, NSL Refinery

Why Oil in 2011

September 13 – Aaron Deskins, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

A Career Path in Academia and Molecular Modeling of Catalyst Materials

September 14 – Special Seminar Opportunities

Gould Lecture: Dave Freudenthal, The Good, the Bad, and the Not So Pretty: Public Policy Leaders and the Evolution of Technology, Gould Auditorium, 12-1 pm


Energy Forum: Dave Freudenthal, Bob Bennett, How should we balance climate change, energy demand, resources, etc., Gould Auditorium, 3:00-5:00 pm

September 19 – Celanese Info Sessions (11:50-12:30 pm AND 1-2:30 pm, Board Room in the Warnock Eng. Building)—DOES NOT COUNT as a seminar

September 20 – Micron Info Session (seminar time and location but DOES NOT COUNT as a seminar)

September 27 –  Diane Ward, Career Services

What does Career Services do for you AND Hints for the Career Fair

October 4 –  Career Fair

Attend the Career Fair as a seminar OR a field trip
Write a paragraph and submit via WebCT

October 4 during seminar FOR JUNIORS AND SENIORS – presentation by Greg Hatch Natural Gas Association.  Mr. Hatch will give a presentation on the Natural Gas Association and talk about scholarship opportunities through the association for juniors and seniors (DOES NOT COUNT as a seminar).

Oct. 4:  3-4 Larry Bool, Praxair Co.

Warnock Eng. Building, Board Room : Seminar on Praxair for graduate students.

October 11 – FALL BREAK

October 18  – No seminar, AIChE meeting

October 25 –John R. Baza, P.E., Director, State of Utah, Division of Oil, Gas & Mining

Hydraulic Fracturing in the Petroleum Industry

November 1 – Reginald Mitchell, Stanford University – Distinguished Lecturer

November 8 – Carol Kneis, Pepsico

Job Opportunities at Frito Lay

November 15 – Connie Senior, ADA

Selenium Behavior & Emissions from Coal-Fired Boilers

November 22 – Jeff Brown, David Eccles School of Business

Information session on the MBA/MS (Engineering) program – DOES NOT COUNT as a seminar