A co-op is a multi-semester work opportunity with an employer who has operated a well-established co-op program for a number of years and whose co-op program will continue after the currently enrolled student is no longer part of the program. In a co-op students will work 40 hours per week.

Students may earn technical elective credits for co-op classes with prior approval.

Benefits of a Co-op Experience

  • Gain practical experience in chosen career field
  • Work with qualified professionals
  • Apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to actual job experiences
  • Begin building a network for future employment opportunities
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhance academic experience by seeing the application of theoretical information

Earn Technical Elective Credit

The Chemical Engineering Department awards from one to three hours per semester for students enrolled in CH EN 4977/495, Engineering Co-op. A maximum of 6 credit hours, 3 credit hours each, can be earned. 4977 is in lieu of CH EN technical elective credit and 4978 is in lieu of technical elective credit outside the department.

One or more credit hours per semester will be awarded to students employed in part-time internship, working a minimum of 20 hours/week, and enrolled in the university as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours).

Three credit hours per semester will be awarded to students who participate in a nationally recognized co-op program, or whose work experience is pre-approved by Professor Powell. At minimum students will work full time (40-hours/week) for one semester.

Employment Requirements

To qualify for a co-op, your job must integrate college level academic study with work experience that strengthens and complements the education received in the department.

Finding a Co-Op Job

Please register with Career and Professional Development Center’s job and internship system Handshake  and contact your career coach for assistance.


Each student in a co-op must:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Produce a technical report
  3. Have their employer complete an evaluation form
  4. Complete an evaluation of their co-op experience

Cooperative Education Application Form

Co-op Student information

Your information

Your university ID
Year in the CH EN program by courses you’re taking, not by credits

Information about your employment

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Co-op class registration information

Consent for employer evaluation *
You must check this box for your co-op to be approved.
Acknowledgment of reporting requirement *
You must check this box for your co-op to be approved.