Community & Outreach


Engineering, by its nature, is focused on a desire to improve our collective condition; it is a discipline with human concerns and interrelationships at heart. As such, academics and technological skill are only a portion of what makes a person into a great engineer.

Our aim in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Utah is to produce well-rounded and civic-minded graduates. In addition to strong academic and research programs, we are working to build a strong, welcoming and supportive community, both within our department and with the general public.

Community Outreach

Our department is always looking for opportunities to partner with our state and local communities, and we offer several avenues for outreach.

Request an Outreach Team


If you are a teacher or a member of some other sort of organization which would like to arrange a visit from one of our outreach teams, please contact Professor Butterfield. You may request we bring one of the teaching modules we typically offer, or we will work with you to develop a new and more involved chemical engineering experience for your students.

Use Our Online Teaching Modules


If you are a teacher and do not wish to have an in-class visit from our outreach teams, you may still find some interesting ideas in our online database of teaching modules. Be aware that for some of these the materials and/or procedures used can pose a serious safety concern. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Request a Professor


While the day of a professor is quite hectic, we know it is part of our duty to encourage and educate the next generation of engineers. If you wish to invite a professor to your classroom, career day, or science fair, simply Professor Butterfield and we will endeavour to attend and help out with your event.

John and Marcia Price College of Engineering Outreach Events


Our Price College of Engineering also offers outreach events, camps and programs which highlight a wide variety of engineering professions. Please see this page for details.

Student Organizations

We have several official student organizations within our department, and every student is encouraged to somehow get involved. Building relationships with peers and professors outside of the lecture hall can improve your educational experience in many ways.

AIChE Student Chapter


AIChE is an organization of chemical engineering students, faculty, and industry professionals. It is devoted to chemical engineering and works to develop connections between students and professionals. In our department, this group works closely with faculty in order to organize our presence and compete at the regional and national AICHE meetings across the country. Check out the University AIChE Student Chapter page and visit the website.

Graduate SAC


The Graduate Student Advisory Committee (SAC) of the Department of Chemical Engineering is dedicated to the development of graduate student relations and to facilitating meaningful communication among the students, faculty and staff. These goals are accomplished through student representation with faculty, addressing student concerns and planned social activities.

Chem-E Car


Teams from various universities design, construct, and compete with chemically powered vehicles. Annually, our team competes in the national and regional AICHE Chem-E Car competitions. It’s a fun way to get to know your peers and professors, while honing your design skills at the same time.

K-12 Outreach Teams


Many engineers were drawn, in part, to the careers we love by the encouragement of a teacher or mentor. All it took was some enthusiasm and a good explanation of what the field had to offer. Our outreach teams work to fill that role. This group of undergraduates develop teaching modules, organize college outreach events, and travel to local high schools to conduct demonstrations and explain the field of chemical engineering.

College-Wide Engineering Student Organizations


The Price College of Engineering also hosts several organizations in which our student may wish to participate:

See this page for more information.

University of Utah Student Groups


The University of Utah is home to a wide range of student organizations. These organizations include sororities and fraternities, honors societies, arts and music groups, ethnic and cultural clubs, religious organizations and much more.

Search this page to find a specific student group.

Department Events

Spring Picnic


As classes are winding down, in late April, our AICHE student chapter hosts a picnic for faculty and students. Come for lunch or merely to put professors in their place with a game of football.

Senior Awards Luncheon


Annually, we recognize the accomplishments of our seniors at an awards banquet, and special awards are given to outstanding students. It’s a great opportunity to give a fond farewell to our seniors, before the rush of graduation ceremonies.