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Recent News from the Department

Our students and faculty are constantly doing amazing things. Read about the latest in student succes, faculty research, and overall awesomeness at the U.

University of Utah Researchers Put Airborne Viral Transmission Risks Under the Microscope

As the COVID pandemic began to unfold in late 2019, researchers around the world scrambled to learn as much as possible…

Weighing Cancer Cells with Light: Zangle Lab Receives +$3M in Grants from DoD and NIH

For the past 10 years, Zangle has been pioneering a technique that uses high-powered, highly-light-sensitive…

University of Utah Researchers Have a Million-dollar Idea to Protect Kids from Air Pollution

Utah’s striking summer sunsets, with their fiery oranges and reds, can easily take the breath away. Unfortunately,…

Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah

Our undergraduate program takes pride in providing a curriculum that prepares students for jobs in industry and for post-graduate training in engineering, law, and medicine. The curriculum is unique in that it strives to balance practice, theory, and the development of professional skills. More than 30% of our undergraduates are involved in research in professors’ labs. We have a vibrant cooperative education program that includes summer internships and semester-long work experiences in industry, government, and academe.

Our strong departmental scholarship program provides financial aid based on need, transfer status, and academic performance. Graduates from the Department of Chemical Engineering have excellent job placement statistics with outstanding starting salaries. Companies hiring recent graduates include Micron Technology, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Proctor & Gamble, Halliburton, Rio Tinto, Archer Daniels Midland, Nestlé, L-3 Communications, Celanese, ICU Medical, FLSmidth, Aecom.

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