Sarofim Distinguished Lectures

This endowed lecture honors the contributions of Presidential Professor Adel F. Sarofim, a member of the University of Utah’s Department of Chemical Engineering faculty from 1996 until his death in 2011.

Sarofim’s research contributions spanned scientific and engineering issues ranging from radiative heat transfer and combustion to energy and the environment. Up until 2011, he served as Associate Director for Research for the U’s Institute for Clean and Secure Energy.

His exceptional contributions include more than 350 peer-reviewed papers that garnered nearly 5,000 citations. Sarofim was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2003.

Among his many honors across engineering disciplines, Sarofim’s DOE Homer H. Lowry Award citation reflects well the sentiments of his colleagues, students and friends: “Adel Sarofim is a compassionate human being who inspires students and colleagues, and who contributes significantly across the full spectrum from fundamental science through real-world design concepts.”

The department also has a distinguished lecture series.

Past Lectures

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