Communication between our students and staff is an important part of your academic success. We have a great advising team who can assist undergraduate students with department and university graduation requirements, as well as class selection. They can also provide information on scholarships and other opportunities. The advising team can be reached via email here.

We encourage students to meet with an advisor regularly to ensure timely progress toward their degree.

Make an appointment with an advisor

General advising questions can be sent via email. Or feel free to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors below.

Emily Pollard

Emily handles:

  • Current and prospective student advising
  • Mandatory advising & registration holds
  • Schedule and graduation planning
  • WAChE Student Group
  • Engineering Scholars Program

Sidney Cushing

Sidney handles:

  • Current and prospective student advising
  • Schedule and graduation planning
  • Weekly Canvas Announcements
  • ChemE Instagram and Twitter Accounts
  • Administrative Advising Tasks (CLSS, Kuali, etc.)

Tony Butterfield

Make Appointment

Professor Butterfield handles:

  • Transfer advising
  • Petitions for exceptions to policy
  • Issues regarding academic probation or dismissal from the CH EN major.