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Thank you for your interest in our department!

We are very proud of our chemical engineering program here at the University of Utah. Our department has a respectable ranking among chemical engineering programs, and is among the top ten in our attraction of federal research dollars. The University of Utah is number one in the nation in producing start-up companies based on university technologies. While we are a strong research institution, we also care a great deal about our students and our educational mission.

We look forward to meeting new prospective students and seeing them through to fulfilling and prosperous occupations in chemical engineering. We hope the following information is useful to you in making this very important decision.

What is Chemical Engineering?

For those of you just beginning, you may wish to know more about what chemical engineering is and what chemical engineers do.

Chemical Engineers take chemistry out of the laboratory and into the world around us. They are problem solvers who apply scientific knowledge, technical expertise, and creativity to make useful materials, efficiently and safely.

Chemical Engineers are involved in creating new wonder drugs and materials that improve life on Earth and make space exploration a reality. The Chemical Engineer is versatile. They may develop better soles for your sport shoes, or create the materials needed for the next generation of solar cells, or perfect the chocolate coating on your favorite candy bar.

Chemical Engineers work in research, design, development, production, technical sales, and management. Some are consultants, computer system designers, lawyers focusing on patent or environmental law, or brewers of specialty beers.

Chemical engineers are responsible for many the technological breakthroughs that have literally changed the course of human history. Each of the following accomplishments are just a few example of what chemical engineers have made possible.

Want to know more? Click here for more information on how chemical engineers help shape the world.

Undergraduate Scholarships

University of Utah students have many fantastic options to apply for financial aid. The Department of Chemical Engineering offers several annual scholarships. The John and Marcia Price College of Engineering likewise has annual scholarships for Chemical Engineering students, including freshman and transfer students. Some of our students have been able to graduate free of debt by using the scholarship resources offered to them and we encourage every student to apply.

Department Accreditation

The Chemical Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.  For more information about our department’s accreditation, see here.

The Value of Your Degree

Chemical engineering is intellectually, creatively, and professionally lucrative.

Professional Opportunities

The University of Utah has a long record of producing graduates who are successful in their industrial and professional pursuits. Chemical Engineering is challenging, and rewarding work, with a healthy balance of scholarship and creativity. The skills of a chemical engineer make them able to work in a wide variety of technical areas, making their career path relatively flexible, if they so wish. Working conditions for the chemical engineer are generally favorable, and they are often surrounded by good, respectable colleagues and supervisors. Furthermore, chemical engineers often are given substantial opportunities for travel.


Consistently and for over a decade, chemical engineering has ranked among the top college degrees, in terms of starting salary, and average lifetime salary.

Furthermore, chemical engineers, being trained to manage complicated processes, often find opportunities for advancement into management. If you opt for an advanced degree, such as a MS or a PhD, your starting salary could be elevated by tens of thousands of dollars and your prospects for advancement would be similarly impressive.

A necessarily partial list of companies that have hired chemical engineers from the University of Utah includes: Boeing, Merck, Weider Nutrition Group, Halliburton, General Electric, Bechtel, Weyerhauser, EPA, Huntsman Chemical, Cargill, Myriad Genetics, and many more.

A Solid Foundation for Advanced Degrees

A undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering is a fantastic foundation for advanced study. Many chemical engineering students are prepared to enter graduate study in medicine, law, business administration, and of course, chemical engineering!


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