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The Projects Lab offers our students the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience with state-of-the-art processing and analytical equipment housed in the 3 main department labs.

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The Projects Laboratory has a key role in promoting practical and hands-on education throughout the undergraduate careers of chemical engineering students at the University of Utah. For our freshmen, this laboratory accommodates CH EN 1705, Chemical Engineering Design & Innovation.  Courses such as CH EN 3853, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, use the lab to allow students to develop a practical understanding of complex theory.  Finally, our seniors cap their coursework with the Projects Laboratory two-semester sequence, CH EN 4903 and 4905, where they perform large-scale projects, develop creative proposals, and execute their final projects.

The Projects Lab is where students apply their knowledge of theory by conducting experiments, operating production size equipment, and optimizing chemical processes. Our goal is to provide a state-of-the-art environment where students become proficient at both the physical and creative skills needed in the workforce.

Facilities & Equipment:

The Projects Lab has a wide range of state-of-the-art training equipment for a variety of chemical processes. The lab is continually changing and being updated as chemical process technology advances. Currently, the lab houses numerous experiments involving heat transfer, fluid flow, chemical processes, computer control, separations and others, along with a wide range of analytical equipment. A list of each piece of equipment and related details may be viewed below.

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Gas Absorber Title Image

Gas Absorber

The gas absorber flows liquids and gassed through pack columns in order to transfer chemical substances from one to the other. ...

uPrint 3-D Printer Title Image

uPrint 3-D Printer

This printer extrudes melted polymer onto a stage to create 3-D objects. ...

Temperature Baths Title Image

Temperature Baths

Temperature baths are used to keep samples or circulating liquids at a constant temperature. ...

Spray Dryer Title Image

Spray Dryer

The spray dryer uses compressed air and high temperatures to atomize liquid slurries and create dried particulate product. ...

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Title Image

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

The shell and tube heat exchanger transfers heat from pressurized steam to water. ...

Pycnometer Title Image


Pycnometers are used, in conjunction with scales, to measure the density of known volumes of samples contained within them. ...

Photobioractor Title Image


The Photobioreactor is used to study the growth of photosynthetic microorganisms, such as algae and cyanobacteria. ...

Osmometer Title Image


The osmometer measures the osmotic strength of a solution my measuring the force felt on a semi-permeable membrane separating the solution from pure solvent. ...

Incubator Title Image


The Incubator maintains a constant temperature for growing cell cultures. ...

Heat Conduction Title Image

Heat Conduction

The heat conduction experiment is used to measure the heat transferred along cylinders of various sizes and compositions. ...

Glassware Title Image


The projects lab contains a wide variety of glass containers and apparatuses. ...

Glass Lined Reactor Title Image

Glass Lined Reactor

The glass lined reactor is a temperature controlled CSTR reactor capable of operating at temperature and corrosive extremes. ...

Autoclave Title Image


The Autoclave uses high pressure steam to sterilize equipment and liquids. ...

Fuel Cell Title Image

Fuel Cell

This apparatus is used to test the efficiency of generating electricity from hydrogen gas using a proton exchange membrane. ...

FTIR Title Image


The Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer measures the absorbance of infrared light across a range of wavelengths simultaneously. ...

Extruder Title Image


The extruder is typically fed polymer pellets which are then melted and forced through a die as they cool and solidify. ...

Ebulliometer Title Image


The ebulliometer accurately determines the boiling point of liquids. The liquid and condensed vapor phases may be analyzed to produce x-y diagrams. ...

Distillation Column Title Image

Distillation Column

The distillation column separates two or more liquids based on the differences in their volatility ...

DI Water Title Image

DI Water

This piece of lab equipment uses various filters to provide deionized water. ...

CSTR Title Image


The CSTR is a temperature-controlled continuous stirred tank reactor. Reactants flow in and products exit. ...

Conductivity Meter Title Image

Conductivity Meter

The conductivity meter is used to determine the ionic content of a solution, by measuring the solutions ability to conduct electricity. ...

Cell Counter Title Image

Cell Counter

The Chemometec Cell Counter is an integrated fluorescence microscope which determines the concentration of yeast cells in solution. ...

Bioreactor Title Image


The bioreactor may operate as a batch or CSTR reactor in which organisms, such as yeast and bacteria, are grown. ...


A safe working environment for students, faculty, and visitors in the Projects Lab is of the utmost concern. Please review our safety material before you enter the projects laboratory.

Also, for each piece of equipment in the Projects Lab the standard operating procedure should be read and understood to assure safe and proper use. A list of each piece of equipment may be found here, and most all have a link to their respective standard operating procedures.