Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer



The Agilent 5977B GC/MSD is a routine and reliable workhorse for environmental impurities and food testing, chemical and petrochemical analysis, as well as the analysis of forensic and pharmaceutical compounds. The 5977B Series MSDs are equipped with a turbomolecular (turbo) pump and a choice of three foreline pumps (Pfeiffer Duo, Pfeiffer MVP-070-3x, Agilent IDP-3 24V) or a diffusion pump paired with a Pfeiffer Duo foreline pump. There are three types of electron ionization (EI) sources available on the 5977B Series MSD, a standard EI stainless steel (SS) source, an EI Extractor (XTR) source available on the Inert+ MSD model, and a high efficiency source (HES). The optional 5977B chemical ionization (CI) system includes a positive chemical ionization/negative chemical ionization (PCI/NCI) ion source, reagent gas flow control system, CI calibration system, and other required hardware features