Welcome to the AIChE Student Chapter

AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) is the international association of Chemical Engineers. The University of Utah AIChE Student Chapter provides you the opportunity to be involved in Chemical Engineering in many different manners. As a member, you will have the opportunity to build networks with the chemical engineering community through participating in our Industry Outreach Program. The Industry Outreach Program has been designed to help you find Full-Time jobs and internships by making vital connections with our Industry Partners. AIChE has been working hard to provide to its members exclusive access to recruiters through the On Campus Industry Presentations, Industry Tours, and our premier Fall Recruiting Banquet tailored to help you find the right job. Our commitment is to encourage academic and professional progress by providing all of the necessary resources for your success.

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Follow the Membership Survey Link above. After filling out the survey you will receive updates from AIChE on upcoming events. We have a Facebook account as well. Join the Group for updates.