Mini Heat Exchangers



Shell and tube heat exchangers are used for the flow of in-line heating and cooling. The innovative design allows the movement of fluids through the tubes and exterior shell delivering changeability. The movement of fluid can be run in a counterflow, cross flow, or parallel mode.


Fully Functional


MEB 3520

Standard Operating Procedure


  • Read this document in its entirety before operating this equipment.
  • Safety Glasses must be worn when operating this equipment.
  • Never leave this equipment operating unattended.
  • Parts of this equipment get extremely hot. Use caution and do not touch metal fittings or the mini heat exchanger.
  • Consult with the lab manager before operating equipment.

Equipment Description and Overview

  • The hot water flows into the tube side of the shell and tube heat exchanger where, once the water reaches a steady-state temperature, it is cooled by running cooler water though the shell side of the heat exchanger. Tube and shell flows are controlled by electronic valves which are controlled using the OPTO software. Temperatures are measured at the shell and tube inlets and outlets.


  1. Open the OPTO software.
  2. Open the hot and cold water return valves. These are orange and white ball valves located between the two mini heat exchangers labeled “Supply” or “Return” with the hot water on the right and the cold water on the left.
  3. Open the hot and cold water supply ball valves.
  4. Using the OPTO software, set the hot and cold water valves. Note, this setpoint is a percentage of how open the valve is.
  5. Allow the system to heat to steady state, this may take some time. Do not touch any part of the heat exchanger.


  1. Close the cold water supply valve.
  2. Close the hot water supply valve.
  3. Close the hot and cold water return valves.
  4. Close the electronic valves using the OPTO software (set valves to 0%).
  5. Do not close the software or turn off the computer.