Sample drying, baking, aging tests, glassware drying, dry sterilization, processing electronics

  • Outstanding temperature uniformity and stability to keep samples at desired condition
  • Wide temperature range: 50° to 250°C
  • Intuitive and easy–to–use microprocessor controller
  • Large, easy–to–read fluorescent display
  • Automatic over temperature alarm
  • On/Off timer for automated operation
  • Easy calibration routine ensures temperature compliance over time
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel interior (1.4016 / AISI 430) with smooth corners for easy cleaning
  • Manual controlled fresh air damper to adjust air exchange
  • Doors can open to over 180° degrees for optimal access
  • Flexible shelving system with different positions to optimize chamber space
  • Outstanding footprint/volume ratio reduces required bench space
  • Stackable same–size–units, with optional heat shield, without the need for tools
  • Stainless steel exterior provides a clean, professional look for your lab and the surface is structured to avoid showing fingerprints