Stir/Heat Plates



Easy and safe to use. Excellent for general lab heating and stirring in environments between 4° to 40°C (39° to 104°F).

  • Fit virtually anywhere in lab
  • Easy to set analog temperature control knob with graduated scale
  • LED display
  • Top plate and base design diverts liquids away from internal electronics
  • Safety warning system with visual alert protects user from accidental burns
  • Redundant temperature control systems for overtemperature protection
  • Incorporated base mount holds support rods up to 13mm diameter—ideal when using thermometers or pH probes
  • Variable analog stirring control to 1200rpm
  • INSTANT-ON feature begins stirring at low 60rpm to prevent splashing
  • Direct-drive motor/magnet system runs silently
  • Heat to 380°C (716°F)