Gas Pycnometer



The AccuPyc uses gas pycnometry a non-destructive technique that relies on gas displacement to measure volume accurately, making it ideal for obtaining true, absolute, and skeletal volume and density. An inert gases, such as helium, nitrogen, or air are commonly used as the displacement medium for gas pycnometry.

A sample is placed in a chamber of known volume, which is sealed and pressurized. The gas fills the empty spaces within and between the sample particles. The sample chamber is then expanded to an adjoining reference chamber of known volume. The change in pressure is used to calculate the volume of the sample. True density is calculated from the sample mass and the volume it occupies. This method is useful for determining the true density of materials, even those with small pores and irregular shapes.

The AccuPyc gas pycnometer from Micromeritics is the fastest, easiest, most accurate measurement of true density. More labs choose an AccuPyc than any other commercial gas pycnometer. The AccuPyc delivers the highest available accuracy and repeatability in a system that is fast and easy for any operator to use.