Testing System



The 3340 single column, 3360 dual column table models, and 3380 floor models were first introduced in 2002 and were designed to perform tensile, compression, flexure/bend, peel, tear, shear, and cyclic tests.

  • 200:1 force range (i.e. use the load cell to 0.5% of capacity with no loss of accuracy)
  • Load accuracy of 0.5% of indicated load
  • 500Hz data acquisition rate
  • Full software control (cyclic capability optional)
  • Compatible with Bluehill® Software / Instron Remote Technical Support (RTS)
  • Automatic transducer recognition for load cells and extensometers
  • Thousands of optional grips and fixtures
  • Optional temperature chambers
  • Extra height and width options available
  • Full CE compliance


Fully Functional


MEB 1292