Double Pipe Heat Exchanger SOP

Primary Equipment:
Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
Created: February 22, 2010 by Bob Cox

Revised: February 22, 2010 by Bob Cox

University of Utah, Chemical Engineering

  1. Open the air valve located next to the I beam. Do not adjust the pressure regulator.
  2. Using gloves and a ladder, open the large main steam valve located roughly above the heat exchanger pump. The smaller steam valve should remain closed at all times.
  3. Open the main water supply valve (green pipe) located on the east side of the heat exchanger.
  4. Log on to the computer using the user id of lab and the password of seniorlabmeb3520
  5. Double-click on the Icon located on the desktop labeled (IO Display Runtime Pro). This will start the Opto program.
  6. Click on the start button on the opening window.
  7. Open the Process valve, Steam Valve and the Coolant Valve from Opto control.
  8. Drain the condensate from the system.
  9. Close the condensate drain valve (ball valve).
  10. Open the green ball valve that controls the pump output to tank. This will insure that the pump will not deadhead.
  11. Set the tank drain valves to allow the feed tank to fill. Do Not Leave The Equipment Unattended!
  12. Once the feed tank has approximately 5 gallons in it you may turn on the feed pump using the power switch (Double Pipe Heat Exchanger) located on the wall east of the heat exchanger.
  13. Adjust the valves to the desired setting being careful not to deadhead the pump.

Shut Down:

  1. Turn off the Pump
  2. Close the main water supply valve (green valve)
  3. Turn Off the main, manual steam valve located above the equipment
  4. Turn off the air valve
  5. Close the condensate valve ( Ball valve by the steam trap at the north end of the equipment) if it is not already closed
  6. Close the Opto controlled process, coolant and steam valves
  7. Drain the tank
  8. Exit the Opto control program � DO NOT LOG OF THE COMPUTER.
  9. Cleanup any spilled water.
  10. Retrieve your data