De Dietrich Glass Lined Reactor

Primary Equipment:
Glass Lined Reactor
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Revised: February 23, 2010 by Bob Cox

University of Utah, Chemical Engineering

The Glass Lined Reactor can be heated with steam or cooled with water. The reactor is typically operated at atmospheric pressure. The sealant pressure vessel should be pressurized 10-15 PSI above operating or atmospheric pressure. Pressurization of the sealant vessel is maintained by adjusting the regulator located on the display panel. The sealant fluid will contact the reactant material so the sealant fluid and reactant fluid must be compatible.

Two reactants can be introduced into the reactor via the feed ports located on the top of the reactor. The reaction tank can also be filled using the drain / feed port located on the bottom of the reactor.

A second port which has a clear tube attached to it is located adjacent to the feed / drain port on the bottom of the reactor.

This port functions as a sight glass allowing visualization of the reactor level.

In addition to steam and water control valves the reactor has a visualization port and speed control.

Reactor specifications are engraved on tags located on the side of the reactor.

Temperature is displayed on the LED readouts located on the display panel. Rotational velocity is read using a digital tachometer available in the stock room.

The main power switch for the motor is located on the back of the display panel. The on /off switch for the motor is located in the front display panel. Be sure you shut off the main power switch before completing your work.

Start Up Procedure.

  1. Switch on main power breaker located on rear of display panel.
  2. Check out Digital Laser Tachometer from stock room.
  3. Open main air valve.
  4. Verify air pressure regulator and pressure vessel gauge are set to ??? PSI.
  5. Verify bottoms valves are closed.
  6. Open steam or water valves as needed.
  7. Verify steam trap valve is set appropriately.
  8. Configure feed system, peristaltic pumps etc, as required.

Shut Down Procedure.

  1. Turn off main power switch located on rear of display panel.
  2. Turn off display panel power switch located on front of the display panel.
  3. Close main air valve.
  4. Close main and secondary steam valves.
  5. Close water valves.
  6. Close bottoms valves.
  7. Empty and clean feed tanks and pumps.
  8. Return tachometer to stock room.