Our alumni are key to the success of our department. As graduates of our program, they reflect the professionalism and technical acumen we hope to engender in each of our students. They are our ambassadors to a wider world of industry and academia, and we are proud to have such representation in their professional accomplishments and character.

Our alumni have also been instrumental in leaving our program in far better condition than how they found it. Alumni are key figures on our industrial advisory board, helping us to keep abreast of and adapt to the needs of industry. Their contributions to our department have created many scholarship opportunities for our future engineers, and have allowed us to greatly improve our facilities and the learning opportunities for future generations.

Here you will find the latest news items involving our alumni, details on how contributions have improved our program, and the means by which alumni may help improve their alma mater.

Important Alumni & Donation Links

Help us make a great chemical engineering program even better.
Your Donations at Work:
See some of the projects and renovations we have been able to implement with the help of donors.
University of Utah Engineering Alumni Association:
The college-wide engineering alumni association.

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