ColinYoungThe Department of Chemical Engineering would like to congratulate Mr. Colin Young, Ph.D. candidate for being selected as a finalist for the Ivory Prize for Excellence in Student Leadership.  This prize recognizes extraordinary, influential student accomplishments in leadership, and efforts that impact student success and positively affect the broader community. The purpose of the Ivory Prize for Excellence in Student Leadership is to encourage student involvement and leadership, as well as to promote meaningful contribution from Utah undergraduates. As an undergraduate at the University of Utah, Colin was elected by his peers to serve as a student leader for the Department of Chemical Engineering’s Outreach Team in 2011. Here, Colin was able to introduce a yearly outreach trip to rural Utah high schools who rarely saw outreach from any university at all. The Outreach Team was able to connect with 300 students each trip, which whom are now able to envision a future for themselves they had not previously imagined. These trips are now a permanent department program. Under Colin’s leadership, the Department of Chemical Engineering Outreach Team went from reaching 100 students per year to 3,300 students in three short years. We are proud of Mr. Colin Young’s efforts in the  Department of Chemical Engineering as well as being a finalist for the Ivory Prize for Excellence in Student Leadership.