The Chemical Engineering department (ChemE) network and information system supports both academic and administrative activities for the ChemE department. In all respects, the role of the IT department is to support the mission of the University of Utah (UofU) and its ability to carry out that mission every day. It is the departments expectation the same ideals of respect, honesty, responsibility and thoughtfulness apply as much to online behavior as offline. The ChemE network consists of all the computers, printers, servers, software, data, and network equipment that was purchased and maintained by department personnel.

People who connect personal laptops or other devices onto the ChemE network shall agree to use their equipment under the terms of this AUP. In the context of the UofU’s mission to educate students, department computing accounts are provided to all students, faculty, and staff of the ChemE department. Depending on the user, accounts may include basic network authentication, an email account, and individual home directory, access to shared network resources, and web space. The ChemE Acceptable Use Policy covers all parts of every account.

Above all, access to ChemE network and resources is a privilege, and not a right. Failure to adhere to policies may result in sanctions against a user or group of users. The Chemical Engineering Industrial Computing Center (ICC) and associated labs are intended to be used for educational purposes and the legitimate business of the University of Utah in a manner consistent with the public trust. This policy establishes guidelines for appropriate use of Student Computing Facilities.

Access to Computer Labs

  • Student computing labs are provided for the use of Chemical Engineering students, faculty and staff. Others may use these labs as participants in University sponsored activities. The ChemE IT staff may develop procedures to issue temporary passes to participants in University sponsored activities.
  • Individuals using the facilities may be asked to verify their ChemE department status by showing a valid University. Individuals not authorized to use the facility may be required to leave.
  • Computer Accounts are assigned to control access to all computer resources. Users are responsible for all uses of the account. User IDs and passwords must not be shared with other users. Users must log out at the end of each session. Knowingly using an account assigned to another person is a violation of ChemE and University policy.

Acceptable Use of Computer Labs

  • Appropriate use of computer resources; include academic study, instruction, and independent study or research. University related work by departments and recognized student and campus organizations of the University are acceptable.
  • Inappropriate uses include interfering with the work of others, wasting resources, using the resource for private economic purposes, gambling, and any activities that involve the violation of state or federal laws and University policies and procedures. During peak times when computer workstations are in demand, recreational use such as playing games is not allowed.
  • The University of Utah endorses and promotes intellectual and academic freedom principles and encourages access to information. While users generally have the right to read and view materials of their choice, this right is balanced by the rights of others to work in a setting free of intimidation, harassment, or hostility. Child pornography and obscenity are not allowd. Activities that create a hostile and/or intimidating environment for others are prohibited under University of Utah Policy.

Computer Lab Enviroment

Users are expected to respect the rights of other users to create an environment suitable to academic pursuits. The following activities are prohibited.

  • Activities that disrupt the work of others, including but not limited to unnecessary noise.
  • Activities that encroach on others’ legitimate expectations of privacy.

Users are expected to behave in ways that enhance the environment for others and promote the reliable operation of lab computers.

  • Eating or drinking in the labs is prohibited.
  • Users must not abuse lab computers or other equipment.
  • Users should report problems with computer lab equipment to the ChemE IT staff.

Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior, safety, and the content of information resources viewed or accessed by them in ChemE computer lab. Children of students must not be allowed to use lab computers or interfere with the work of others. Children must not be left unattended in lab.


Users must not make or use illegal copies of copyrighted or patented materials, information, or software, or to store such copies on the Chemical Engineering or University of Utah systems, or to transmit such information and software over University Networks.

Use of Computer Lab Hardware & Software

Users are required to use the lab computer in a manner that does not have a detrimental impact on the stability and functionality of the network. The following activities are specifically prohibited.

  • Changing system or software configurations
  • Peer-to-Peer file sharing
  • Disconnecting hardware, installing hardware, or changing hardware configurations.
  • Engaging in any activity intended to compromise system security, compromise the privacy of other users, or obstruct the work of others. This includes but is not limited to port scanning, network sniffing, keystroke logging, using remote control software, password cracking, and similar activities.
  • Using lab systems to attack, interfere with the proper operation of, or compromise the security of other computer or network systems.
  • Using lab systems to send forged e-mail, send bulk mail, send unsolicited commercial e-mail, or to fraudulently misrepresent the user’s identity in any communication.
  • Using lab systems to initiate any communication intended to intimidate, coerce, harass, or threaten others.
  • Using lab systems to distribute or develop viruses, worms, or similar software.
  • Illegally sharing copyrighted materials with others.

Laptops may only be connected to wireless networks specifically provided for this purpose. Disconnecting lab computers to connect laptop computers is prohibited. Connecting laptops to unused network jacks is also prohibited. All use of laptops in the ChemE computer lab is governed by University policies and state and federal law.

Policy Enforcement

A violation of the provisions of this policy may result in the withdrawal of access privileges and may subject the user to disciplinary action or academic sanctions consistent with University policies and procedures. All criminal activities will be referred to University Police, State and/or Federal agencies.


Student Printing Allocation

Chemical Engineering students are given an allowance of 300 pages at the beginning of the semester. In order to qualify the student must have either intermidiate of major status or enrolled in a qualifying Chemical Engineering course.

Please note:

  • Currently there is not a way to purchase more pages
  • Giving a student additional pages are given out at the chairs discretion and require approval.