Department Facilities

Undergraduate students have exclusive access to several computing labs for school work and research.

The main student computing facility, the Industrial Computing Center (ICC) (left in the above figure). This facility is integral to all department courses and serves as a group study and work area for undergraduate students. Occasionally it also serves as the training facility for computer-intensive short courses for industry. The second portion of our student computing facility, the Starley Computer Room (right), is directly connected to our Projects Lab.

ICC Computer LabStarly Computer Lab

Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Computing Facilities:
Left) The Industrial Computing Center. Right) The Starley Computer Lab.

The third computer lab is not actually a physical computer lab but a virtual lab. It comprises of a server running 20 Windows Professional clients. This lab was created to allow our students to work remotely, and still have access to the department’s chemical engineering software.

In addition to these facilities, other computer facilities are made available to all students in the College of Engineering. See the CADE Lab site for more information.


We maintain several laboratories in order to give our undergraduates hands-on experience in a wide variety of chemical engineering specialties, from thermodynamics to biochemical engineering. These labs are all connected and collectively referred to as the Projects Laboratory. Greater detail on each lab and its various equipment may be found on the dedicated Projects Lab Site:

Projects Lab Web Site

In summary, the projects lab includes a unit operations lab, which houses pilot scale pieces of industrial equipment, analogues to which students may encounter in the field.

Projects Lab

The bio lab includes several bioreactors and analytical equipment needed to study biological systems. There is a wet lab which houses our chemicals and glassware and a reactor lab housing several reactors and a catalysis experiment. Finally, we have a state of the art analytical lab for analysis of the wide variety of experiments conducted throughout an undergraduate’s education.