257390Join us on November 4th as our Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Michael R. Zachariah presents on, “Probing Fast High Temperature Transformation in Nanoparticles for Energy Applications.” The lecture will take place in WEB L104 from 10:45-11:35am. All are welcome to attend.

The high temperature reactivity of metal/metal oxides are important in a wide variety of industrial applications including solar-thermal hydrogen generation, CO2 sequestering, chemical-looping combustion, and energetic materials, among others. In this seminar I will discuss the reactivity of nanometals and metal oxides under very rapid heating conditions, towards developing a conceptual picture of rate limiting and phenomenological processes, in particular for application to energetic materials. This discussion will naturally lead to what makes nanoscale materials attractive for these applications, as well as some of their limitations.

Professor Zachariah is Patrick and Marguerite Sung Distinguished Professor in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. He is the founding Director of the University of Maryland/NIST Center for NanoManufacturing and Metrology and was the founding Director of the Army Center for Nanoenergetics Research. He has published extensively on the metrology of nanoparticles in both the liquid and gas phases. This includes the development of new mass-spectrometry and ion-mobility methods to characterize nanoparticles and their reactivity. He is a recipient of the University of Maryland Outstanding Researcher Award, and the Sinclair Award for Sustained Excellence in Aerosol Research awarded by the American Association for Aerosol Research.