Chemical Engineering Lab Account Creation

Chemical Engineering User Policy for UserTools

The following policy applies to all Chemical Engineering lab facilities:1. I will not bring food or drink into the lab, with the exception of a water bottle with a lid.

1. I will use my own account and not share my account with others.
2. I will not disconnect the mouse, keyboard, or monitor from the lab computer.
3. I will not turn off or reboot any of the computers.
4. I will not open the printers. I understand that if I need scratch paper, I can take it from the recycling bins or the areas around the printers.
5. I will log out properly. I understand that if I leave a computer locked for more than one (1) hour, my account will be disabled.
6. I will throw away all of my garbage, and clean up my area before I leave. I will keep the lab clean for other users.

I understand that my account may be disabled if I am found violating any of the above policies.

I have read and agree to the Chemical Engineering User Policy above.