Please plan on attending. Dr. Francine Mahak is the Career Counselor for Graduate Students in Science & Engineering at University of Utah Career Services. The title of this workshop is Designing Resumes and Cover Letters. The Workshop will be from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday September 3, in WEB L102. There will be light refreshments afterwards.

Submitting a generic cover letter will serve as the required report for this session.

This is a workshop to develop skills in designing resumes, based on the interests of those who read them (and hire you). We will look at what works well and doesn’t from a reader’s perspective, so you can make effective choices in designing yours. You will also draft a quick cover letter, so come prepared with a job in mind that would interest you, and a sense of the corresponding strengths you have to offer.

Dr. Mahak started college as a passionate Biology major. She eventually decided she would be a better linguist than scientist, and majored in Russian at Wellesley College. She came to the University of Utah as a guest student, and received an exchange fellowship for graduate studies at the University of Tehran in Iran. She returned with an MA in Linguistics, taught Persian at the U for several years, and completed a PhD.

Since then she has worked in the business world designing and facilitating workshops in business/technical communication skills for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies nationwide, working most often with engineers and research scientists early in their careers. Her current charter at the University is to work with graduate students in those fields as they transition to professional roles.