UniversityofUtah_Flyer_TECHTalks_USTAR_and_IM_Flash IM Flash partners with the U engineering college by hosting “Tech Talks” sessions every two months. The venue alternates between the USTAR building and the IM Flash campus. The next session is on February 3rd at 3:00 and will be at IM Flash. The topic of this tech talk is Big Data and Analytics. Would you forward this information to any students that may be interested or have your dept. admin make the poster linked below visible to potentially interested students? Todd Russell is working on vanpool transportation from the U to IM Flash and back. Below is some additional information.

A $300 prize is awarded to the student that is selected to provide a 20 minute presentation in that session. The due date for applications is 1/20 but is going to be extended due to not receiving any applicants. The presentation need only be an outline on a few slides and not a polished thesis.

We will be having one of our principal engineers present on this topic in the Tech Talk so we would love to have any interested students come down to attend. The topic hasn’t received much interest yet but hopefully there are some students out there with interest. Data Analysis is becoming more and more important in many industries so strong skills in this area will definitely serve students well. The hosts of the Tech Talks are the same individuals that recruit at the U in the fall and spring so if any students are interested in working at IM Flash, attending the Tech Talks is a great way to meet and network with hiring managers. Attending Tech Talks is free and there will be refreshments.

IM Flash Tech Talks: