New Class: ChEn 6703 – Advanced Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineers

James C. Sutherland
Coming Fall, 2017

This course will focus on numerical solution techniques applied to:

  1. Systems of nonlinear equations
    • Newton’s method for systems of nonlinear equations
    • Introduction to optimization
  2. Systems of ordinary differential equations
    • Explicit and implicit methods
    • Stiffness & nonlinearity
    • Stability & eigenvalue analysis
    • Applications to chemical kinetics
  3. Partial Differential Equations:
    • Hyperbolic systems (advection)
    • Parabolic systems (transient diffusion with reaction)
    • Elliptic systems (steady state diffusion with reaction)
    • Finite volume and finite difference techniques
    • Higher-order finite difference techniques
    • Stability analysis
  4. Fourier analysis
  5. Linear and nonlinear regression
    • Least-squares regression
    • Adaptive regression: artificial neural networks, etc.
  6. Adaptive Numerical Integration (Quadrature)

The class will use Python and will provide students with experience in Python programming. Previous expertise in Python is not required, but students will need to put forth effort to learn this during the first few weeks of class. It is assumed that students have a background in linear algebra, calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations.

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