ChemE Car

What is the Chem-E Car?

In short, it’s an engineering competition sponsored by AICHE. For many of our undergraduates, it’s a chance to learn valuable engineering and team working skills, while having a good time getting to know their peers and professors.

In this competition, teams from various universities design and construct chemically powered vehicles. These vehicles must operate safely, and be able to carry a certain weight in cargo some set distance, using only a chemical reaction as a stopping mechanism. Winning vehicles are those that safely carry their cargo the prescribed distance. The top three cars in the AICHE regional competition may then go on to compete in the nationals.

Photographs and videos of past Chem-E Car competitions may be found here.


Join the Chem-E Car Team

We can always use more help from the design phase to the day of competition. The Chem-E Car team meets once a month during fall and spring semesters and team members work throughout the year to build and perfect a new car. If you wish to join the Chem-E Car Team, e-mail Matt Hamilton ( or Tony Butterfield ( and we will send along the needed information.