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Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a Master of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering, key attributes are:

  • The courses are available on campus or via distance learning.
  • Many of our students are mid-career professionals taking the coursework remotely.
  • This degree builds on relationships between the Department of Chemical Engineering, the Energy & Geoscience Institute (EGI), and the Department of Geology and Geophysics.
  • The Energy & Geoscience Institute is the largest upstream E&P university based consortium in the world. More than fifty energy companies maintain annual memberships. EGI staff have conducted more than $750,000,000 of geoscience and geoengineering research over the last four decades.

This degree is unique to best suit the career choices available when you graduate

  • Throughout your career, you may change disciplines. Production or reservoir engineers may find themselves working on midstream (pipeline) or even downstream (refining) projects. Specific coursework provides you with background exposure to midstream and downstream disciplines.
  • You will often interact with geologists and need a basic understanding of geologic concepts, jargon, exploration principles and be able to identify geologic hazards that can impact drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and production. Petroleum Geoscience (CH EN 6163) gives you critical background.
  • Engineering and geologic issues come to life in a 12-day Field Study (CH EN 6171) program in Utah and Wyoming. Site visits to petroleum engineering operations and field studies on outcrops solidify your geologic coursework.
  • Interacting with stakeholders and the public is common for engineers engaged in subsurface energy recovery. Energy and Society (CH EN 6158) highlights key legal and sustainability considerations. Guest lectures and specialists bring life to all of these topics.
  • You will gain experience using key industry software packages for drilling, economics, reservoir characterization, reservoir simulation, hydraulic fracturing…

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