The Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) works to promote safety, protect the environment, and conserve resources offshore through vigorous regulatory oversight and enforcement. For information about our bureau go to:

The major functions of BSEE include: regulation development and oversight; evaluation of industry standards, permitting, inspections, safety management, research, environmental compliance and enforcement, evaluations of failures and incidents, and assessing/enforcing the use of Best Available and Safest Technology (BAST). This position is located in the BSEE, Office of Offshore Regulatory Programs, Emerging Technologies Branch, BAST Section. The duties of this position are primarily focused on Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) oil and gas operations with secondary emphasis on the agency’s newly formed renewable energy program. The incumbent serves in a program area that is highly visible to the public and important for maintaining the integrity and credibility of science and engineering behind the decision making process for BSEE as a regulatory agency. This position is directly related to safety of operations and workers, protection of equipment, and preservation of the environment as required by Congressional laws and Federal regulations.

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