Petroleum Experts Ltd., a Scotland-based engineering firm that develops optimization software for the oil and gas industries, has donated more than $2.4 million in new software to the University of Utah’s chemical engineering department for students enrolled in its Petroleum Engineering master’s program.

“We do appreciate the opportunity this donation provides for our students, who will get incredible exposure to software that is used by major oil and gas companies,” said John McLennan, associate professor of chemical engineering at the University of Utah’s John and Marcia Price College of Engineering.

Petroleum Experts, which has U.S. offices in Houston and Lafayette, Louisiana, is providing a free license to six of its commercial software products, which include GAPPROSPERMBALPVTPREVEAL and RESOLVE. This suite of tools allows engineers and geologists to dynamically model reservoirs, production and injection wells, and surface pipeline networks.

By examining where there may be pressure losses or other inefficiencies in the production of oil and gas or geothermal energy, “this software allows you to evaluate individual components, analyze what your losses are going to be and make some rational decisions that improve your economics,” McLennan said.

“An advantage for students being exposed to software like this is it’s viewed favorably by future employers. Demonstrating competence in industry-standard software really helps,” McLennan said of Petroleum Experts’ software. “And when they’re doing this work they’re developing insight into the whole production operation.”