The Garr Cutler Energy Endowment was established by Dr. Garr Cutler, a University of Utah graduate, now of Eugene, Oregon. The prize recognizes a University of Utah graduate student who has published a paper, which, in the Garr Cutler Energy Prize Selection Committee’s opinion, makes a significant contribution in an area of energy. “Energy” is broadly defined to include ecological, ​ ​ sociological and legal matters related to energy, as well as issues in the research and development of energy resources and/or facilities.

The Selection Committee found ​Siavash’s​ article, A 3D ​P​eridynamic ​Simulation of ​Hydraulic ​Fracture ​Process in a ​Heterogeneous ​M​edium, to be very worthy of this honor. The committee was additionally impressed by ​his academic pedigree and extensive work experience.

The link to access Siavash’s article is as follows:

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