Student Community

There should more to a college experience than classes and laboratories. Our student groups provide many opportunities for our students to become leaders, hone their professional development, give back to the surrounding community, and grow as life-long friends.  Below is a sample of some of the opportunities our undergraduates can experience.

Design, build, & compete

ChemE Car Team

Join the ChemE Car Team

  • Learn valuable lab skills with peers and faculty from across our curriculum.
  • Design and build a car that is powered and controlled by your mastery of chemistry.
  • Travel to and compete in regional and national competitions.
  • Gain leadership skills by managing car teams.

College of Engineering students of all experience levels are welcome to join. The team meets about once a week during fall and spring semesters.

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Give back to the community

Chemical Engineering
K-12 Outreach

Become an Outreach Mentor

  • Learn about chemical engineering through teaching and mentoring at local high schools.
  • Help guide students into STEM professions who have traditionally been underrepresented in chemical engineering.
  • Go on outreach / hiking trips through rural Utah with your peers.
  • Communicate department research to our surrounding community.
  • Gain technical and hands-on skills by developing outreach teaching modules.
  • Compete nationally at AIChE’s K-12 Outreach Showcase.
  • Develop leadership skills by organizing summer camps and other community events.

All Chem Eng students are welcome to join! We typically meet once a week and organize an outreach trip to a local school a couple times each month. Some outreach work is paid.

Grow as a professional engineer

AIChE Student Chapter

Join AIChE

  • Gain valuable leadership experience by interfacing with our discipline’s primary professional organization (the American Institute of Chemical Engineers)
  • Promote the professional development of yourself and your peers
  • Interface with local industry leaders to organize job fairs and site tours
  • Travel to regional and national conferences to represent the U and make connections with chemical engineers across the globe.

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Get involved on the college level

COE Student Groups

Join a COE Club