Travis Healey is a senior in Chemical Engineering, and will graduate in May of 2016. He first became interested in Chemical Engineering as a student at Salt Lake Community College, where he wrote a paper on the petroleum industry for an English class. Travis was so interested in the subject that he decided then and there to become a Chemical Engineer! Travis participated in the Department’s K-12 Outreach Program, and showed young children how cool science and engineering are, which he describes as a very meaningful experience: “Seeing their faces light up as we demonstrated really cool experiments for them really brought it home why I always loved science.”

Travis has completed an internship at Tesoro Oil Refinery, which was a great experience because it gave him the opportunity to get out in the field and be standing right next to the equipment he’d been learning about throughout the program. He also enjoyed working with many different types of people at the refinery, like operators and engineers. After graduating, Travis plans to continue working as a Process Engineer at a plant. His advice for new Chemical Engineering majors? “Be prepared to work hard and never be afraid to ask questions. Also, simplify your life to allow yourself to spend as much time as you can learning about all the cool things in Chemical Engineering!”