BethanyCox Bethany Cox is currently a senior in the Chemical Engineering Department, and will graduate with her Bachelor of Science this May. Before attending the University of Utah, Bethany studied Music Education at Brigham Young University for a few semesters. After discovering her love for Chemistry, she ultimately decided to transfer to the U and change her major to Chemical Engineering for the fantastic career opportunities it provides. Bethany is currently serving as Vice President of the AIChE Student Chapter of the University of Utah, and is working hard this year to increase student involvement with underclassmen. After graduating, she hopes to use the knowledge she has gained in the U’s ChemE program to address sustainability challenges within communities by creating organic, ecologically-friendly systems, processes and buildings. Concepts she mastered in her core classes like Heat Transfer, Kinetics, Process Design and Process Control have prepared her well to accomplish this goal. Bethany’s words of advice for freshmen? “Do the reading! Get to know your professors, get involved with AIChE, and also try to get to know some juniors and seniors.” In her spare time, Bethany enjoys gardening, hiking and reading.