PK Clean’s commercial-scale facility has the capacity to convert 20,000 pounds of nonrecycled plastic to 60 barrels of oil per day. (PK Clean)

Sometimes great ideas and inspiration come from unexpected places. Take for example, Benjamin Coates a University of Utah, Ph.D., candidate in Chemical Engineering whose Ph.D. advisor is Professor Eric Eddings. Priyanka Bakaya, a woman of Kashmiri descent, whose PK Clean company developed a proprietary process that turns recycled waste plastic into oil that can be made into gasoline, kerosene and diesel. Starting from Coates small-scale research model at the University of Utah, they are now operating their first commercial scale unit in Salt Lake. By converting all of our landfill plastics into oil, this technology could offset 25% of annual U.S. auto fuel consumption.

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Benjamin Coates, Ph.D.
Benjamin Coates, Ph.D. Candidate
Dr. Eric Eddings
Dr. Eric Eddings, Associate Dean for Research, College Of Engineering