EGI and the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah are teaming up to form a new Lecture Series …The Science to Find Energy. The purpose of this series is to bring researchers, faculty and students together to hear from world renowned experts in the combined fields of geoscience and engineering and increase the collaborative dialog among all of us. Dr. Jeffery Yarus (Halliburton Fellow) will be the first speaker in The Science to Find Energy Lecture Series. The attached PDF contains an abstract and speaker bio. We encourage you to distribute the attached information to interested colleagues and departments.

Earth Modeling: How Shale is Changing the Way We Think About Geology and Resource Modeling

Jeffrey Yarus, Ph.D.
Halliburton Technology Fellow | Earth and Reservoir Modeling
Geoscience and Reservoir Technologies, Landmark Software and Services

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 | 2 time & location options

11:00–13:00 EGI* Conference Room #334
*RSVP to Peggy Nish before March 15, to be included in the lunch reservations at EGI

15:00 – Warnock Engineering Building, College of Engineering

For more information, please see the following flyer.
Download (.pdf)