Linda Dunn
Linda Dunn

On January 28, 2014, Linda Dunn, Director, Lowell Bennion Community Service Center at the University of Utah, will be presenting her lecture on “What kind of Citizen are You?”. This will take place in WEB L104 from 10:35-11:35am.

This presentation is an opportunity to look at your own habits of community engagement. How do you see your role in the community in your chosen profession? Are you a personally responsible neighbor, a participatory leader or an advocate for change? Linda Dunn, Director of the Lowell Bennion Community Service Center will share the various approaches to leadership and tangible examples of projects and programs you can be involved with. Students in person and on video will share their personal experience as an engaged student in both curricular and extra-curricular ways.

Short Biography
After graduating from the University of Utah in 1981, Linda Dunn began her career in secondary education. In 1990, she returned to the U to earn her Master’s in Educational Administration. From 2003-2007, Linda served as the Executive Director for the Utah Campus Compact, where she increased her knowledge and experience in higher education while helping promote service-learning and student participation in schools across the state. In 2009, Linda began her role as Director of the Lowell Bennion Community Service Center where she works to embed service across campus and engage the University with the greater community in action, change, and learning. Linda has recently served on the University of Utah Alumni Association Advisory Board, Utah Coalition for Civic, Character and Service-Learning, and The Utah Commission on Volunteers.