Chemical Engineering Technical Electives

Technical electives allow students to specialize, customize, or broaden the type of engineer they become.  All undergraduates must complete at least 12 hours of approved technical electives, listed below. See the Undergraduate Handbook for guidance on petitioning the department to count unlisted courses as technical electives. See our recommended academic plans for suggestions on timing of technical electives in our curriculum.

The information on this page is abbreviated. All details should be checked with the University of Utah’s official catalogcourse schedules, and the department’s undergraduate handbook before registering for a course. Please meet with our undergraduates advisors if you have any questions.

Our technical electives may facilitate emphases in chemical engineering (See our undergraduate handbook for explanations of emphases), which appears on a student’s transcript and includes requirements in addition to the standard chemical engineering program. Specializations do not appear on a student’s transcript; technical electives in these categories, however, may prepare students to work as chemical engineers in these specific areas. See the handbook for details.