Washakie Renewable Energy (WRE) is Utah’s only large-scale, privately owned biofuel company. WRE produces biofuels from sustainable feedstocks. Jacob Kingston, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering, who worked for Eric Eddings (Chemical Engineering) is the founder. This year, Washakie Renewable Energy in conjunction with the Utah Jazz each contributed $5 for every point the Utah Jazz made from the paint to the Kingston Energy Scholarship Fund. The five 2014 recipients are graduate and undergraduate students from the Department of Chemical Engineering. Graduate student Matthew Hamilton and Undergraduate students Samual Doane, Bethany Cox, Brandon Hill, Nathan Hamilton and Collin Sjobeck. Together, all thirteen recipients from the College of Engineering received a total of $50,000. Jacob Kingston, CEO of Washakie Renewable Energy, and Steve Miller, President of Miller Sports Properties awarded the scholarships.