Your Donations at Work

We believe your contributions to our department must be met with the utmost effort to put your generosity to efficient and effective use. On this page we list a handful of the projects which have been made possible using your donations. Thank you for your kind support.


Our students are fortunate to be able to access a significant number of scholarship opportunities, many of which are made possible by your donations. The following is a list of current scholarships offered to our students:

  • University of Utah Tuition Scholarships. (TBA)
  • Semnani Foundation Scholarships. $1,500 (0)
  • Donald A. Dahlstrom Scholarship. $1,000 (2)
  • Donald A. Dahlstrom Outstanding Service Scholarships. $1,000 (1)
  • Dr. W. James and Wanda Frandsen Undergraduate Scholarship. $1,000 (3)
  • Mark and Alice Isaacson Scholarship. $1,500 (2)
  • Neelu Ramaswami Scholarship for Women. $1,000 (1)
  • Red Hanger Dry Cleaners Scholarship. $1,500 (3)
  • Walter L. & Treva Pershing Scholarship. $1000 (2)
  • AIChE Chapter Leadership Scholarship. $500 (1)
  • J.D. Seader Leadership Scholarship. $500 (1)
  • Gregory P. & Suzanne L. Starley. $2,500 (1)
  • Richard M. & Donna E. Gross. $2,000 (1)
  • Thatcher Company Scholarship in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. (1)
  • Alice & William VanTalge Transfer Scholarship. $500 (4)
  • John Zink Undergraduate Scholarship. $250 (2)
  • Kingston – Energy Scholarship. $1,000 (3)
  • Air & Waste Management Association Scholarship. $1,000 (5)
  • SMART Scholarship. $25,000+ (1)
  • Tests. none (1)
  • Oblad Silver Medal of Excellence. $250 (1)
  • Team 1 Plastics Undergraduate Scholarship. (1)
  • Shelley W. Stratton Memorial Scholarship. (1)
  • Guinevere and Kevin Cummings Scholarship. (1)
  • EPS Scholarship. (1)
  • Arel Berrier. $2,000 (1)
  • William Britt. $1,000 (Multiple Available)
  • Chevron. $2,000 (1)
  • College of Engineering Scholarship. $5,000 (1)
  • College of Engineering Transfer Scholarship. $5,000 (1)
  • EnergySolutions Scholarship. $2,000 (1)
  • FL Smidth Scholarship. $1,500 (1)
  • Freebody Transfer Scholarship. $500 (1)
  • Dennis and Judith Grimes Undergraduate Scholarship. $5,000 (1)
  • IM Flash. $5,000 (8)
  • L-3. $5,000 (2)
  • Mahroni Faber. $2,000 (1)
  • John J. Murray, Jr. & Ida L. Murray Scholarship. $2,000 (1)
  • Thomas M. Murray Undergraduate Scholarship. $1,000 (1)
  • Oblad Energy Scholarship. $2,500 (1)
  • R.S. Peterson. $2,000 (Multiple Available)
  • Program for Diversity (PDE). $750-$1,500 (Multiple Available)
  • Simon Ramo. $5,000 (1)
  • Van Boerum and Frank Associates. $1,500 (1)
  • Williams Companies Foundation, Inc.. $2,500 (1)
  • Rio Tinto Kennecott. $6,000 (17)
  • Neil R. Mitchell Scholarship . (1)
  • Walter J. Coulam Engineering Scholarship. (1)
  • College of Engnieering Distinguished Service Award. $2,500
  • Clyde Christensen Freshman Scholarship. $1,500
  • Shirley L. & Kathelyne O. Evans Scholarship. $1,000
  • Hakon H. Hanglund Finanacial Need-Based Scholarship. $5,000
  • Dennis and Judith Grimes Undergraduate Scholarship. $5,000
  • HI-GEAR Scholarship. $1,000
  • Jorgensen Family Scholarship. $3,000
  • Merril Engineering Scholars. $3,000
  • MESA STEP Scholarship. $1,000
  • Parker-Haffinin Scholarship. $1,500
  • David E. & Carol C. Salisbury Scholarship. $2,000
  • Gerald B. Stringfellow Undergraduate Scholarship. $1,000
  • Winnie M. Thornton Memorial Scholarship. $2,000
  • Various Alumni Scholarships. $4,000
  • Williams Companies Foundation, Inc.. $2,500
  • Various Alumni Scholarships. $4,000

These scholarships make possible a rewarding career in chemical engineering for students who would otherwise be held back by financial constraints, and the effects of helping even one talented chemical engineer reach their potential may echo for many years.

Lab Renovations:

The projects laboratory is the setting for our capstone courses and we soon hope to bring freshmen into this lab through the addition of a freshman design laboratory to our curriculum. While such a facility requires a significant investment and reoccurring costs to maintain, we know a quality education for our students depends a great deal upon their hands-on laboratory experience. Your donations have helped us enrich that experience to a remarkable extent.

With your help we have added new equipment and teaching modules; a list of all our equipment and projects may be found here. Our unit operations lab has never been better equipped to give our students training on the type of equipment they may encounter in their careers,


and we are continually working to add to and modernize our projects.

Your donations have allowed us to renovate our biolab, to create an environment where students may gain valuable experience in biochemical engineering processes (see the before and after pictures below).

The Biolab: Above: A wide-angle view of the renovated biolab. Left: before and after photographs of the biolab; mouseover to see the renovations.

Donations have also been used to create a new analytical lab for our students. By removing the wall between two underutilized rooms and adding cabinetry and desks, our students now have a clean and comfortable area to get the most out of their data collection and analysis.

The Analytical Lab: Above: A wide-angle view of the new analytical lab. Left: before and after photographs of the analytical lab with the removal of a wall between two rooms. Mouseover to see the renovations.

Computer Labs

starley-labFinally, we have our new Starley Computer Lab. This much-needed computer lab is conveniently placed adjacent to our unit operations lab, allowing student teams the ability to simultaneously perform their data analysis, and write their reports, while conducting experiments in the lab. The freshman design lab, scheduled to begin in spring of 2013, is to be conducted in this space. It is anticipated that, with some work, this room will play an important role in educating and exciting our students who are just beginning on their path towards a career in chemical engineering.

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