Congratulations to Profs. Fry and Wendt on their new DOE award to study and characterize impacts of high temperatures and pressures in oxy-coal combustion systems.

Reaction Engineering International (Murray, UT) will team with experts from University of Utah, Praxair, and Jupiter Oxygen Corporation to perform multi-scale experiments, mechanism development, and computational fluid dynamics modeling to generate modeling tools and mechanisms capable of describing high-temperature and -pressure oxy-coal combustion. The information generated by this 18-month project can be used by industry and other researchers to assess the use of high-temperature and elevated temperature high-pressure oxy-combustion and to guide development of new oxy-coal boiler designs.

Cost: DOE: $1,251,541/ Non DOE: $319,055/ Total Funding: $1,570,596 (Cost share: 20%) See DOE’s announcement.