Congratulations to Kevin Whitty, Andrew Fry and JoAnn Lighty. They received a DOE award to study integrated oxygen production and co2 separation through chemical looping combustion process with oxygen uncoupling.

The University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) will team with Amaron Energy for the first known effort to advance the development of chemical looping combustion with oxygen uncoupling to pilot scale using an existing pilot-scale, dual fluidized bed chemical looping reactor. Oxygen uncoupling is a mechanism whereby oxygen gas is released from oxygen carrier particles so the oxygen can more readily react with fuel. The 24-month project will address critical technology gaps and improve overall system performance by identifying and decreasing unit operation energy requirements. This will reduce technical risk for chemical looping and development of knowledge and tools to support scale-up of chemical looping combustion technologies.

Cost: DOE: $1,784,320/ Non DOE: $446,080/ Total Funding: $2,230,400 (Cost share: 20%) See DOE’s announcement.