nathan_robinsonAll are welcome to an invited seminar by Nathan Robinson – General Manager/Facility Designer with IWM. The title is: “Integrated Water Management’s Production Water Disposal Facility.” The seminar will be from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday February 18, 2015 in WEB 2250. There will be light refreshments afterwards.

Abstract: Integrated Water Management’s Production Water Disposal Facility This is a practical presentation related to methods and trends for waste water management. IWM operates a state of the art production water management facility. The history of the facility and practical aspects of plant design and management will be described.

Biography: Nate is one of the original founding members of IWM management and brings a wealth of knowledge of oilfield waste mitigation and best practices. He started out in the oilfield right out of school and has been pushing hard from that point forward. He has 6 years of designing, building and maintaining oilfield facilities. He also brings to IWM an extensive knowledge in waste water processing, shipping and handling. Nate started out handling waste water driving a water truck, where he gained knowledge and respect from multiple production companies. Most of these relationships are contacts that we still use today. He has owned and operated his own water hauling and disposal facility before joining our team. Nate started the permitting stages of IWM in 2008. Our company was formed in 2010 and he is currently General Manager at IWM. He has great knowledge of the mitigation needs for the oilfield and knows how to handle waste streams in the correct manor. If there is a mitigation issue that needs to be addressed he also knows the people to contact to help resolve the producer’s environmental issues.