MIL Dremel SOP


Standard Operating Procedure

SAFETY: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when using this equipment. Long hair or other items that may get tangled should be removed or tied back. Keep hands away from the spinning bit.

  1. The dremel should be left unplugged, and should remain unplugged as you go through the startup procedure.
  2. Check the bit you are planning to use that it is not damaged.
  3. If you are changing bits, only do so with the device unplugged. The power switch is too close to the bit lock to change bits with power to the dremel.
  4. To change bits press the bit lock down (the blue button in front of the power switch) and turn the chuck to loosen. Insert the new bit and tighten the chuck.
  5. Secure the piece you wish to alter in a vice. NEVER hold a piece in your hands and use the dremel on it at the same time.
  6. Turn the speed dial down all the way and now plug in the dremel.
  7. Assure you are wearing safety glasses and also look around to assure all others around you are wearing eye protection as well.
  8. Ramp up the speed slowly until you reach your desired rotation rate. Always hold the dremel tightly with two hands.
  9. Use the dremel on your material.
  10. Once you are finished, power down the dremel and unplug it promptly.
  11. Clean up your work area of debris and return the dremel to its drawer.