MIL Drill Press SOP


Standard Operating Procedure

SAFETY: Safety glasses should be worn at all times when using this equipment. Long hair or other items that may get tangled should be removed or tied back. Keep hands away from the spinning drill bit.

  1. The drill should be left unplugged, and should be unplugged as you check status for startup.
  2. Clean off the cut platform of any debris.
  3. Ensure the vice is firmly bolted in place.
  4. If you need to adjust the height of the platform:
    1. Be sure to unlock the platform’s grip by turning the lever (on the left of where the platform connects to the support) counter clockwise until it is loose.
    2. Turn the height adjustment (opposite side of the platform grip) clockwise to raise the platform and counter-clockwise to lower it.
    3. An appropriate height would allow you to only require no more than a half turn of the feel lever to drill through your material.
    4. Once you are at the right height, tighten the platform level in place.
  5. Secure your piece in the vice.
    1. NEVER use your hands to hold your piece.
    2. Never drill into an unsecured piece; use a vice, otherwise it could get caught on the bit and spin dangerously.
  6. Select a bit the size of the hole you wish to make.
  7. Use the chuck key to loosen the chuck and insert your bit. Assure that you remove the chuck key from the chuck (it contains a spring and should push itself out).
  8. Tighten the chuck and turn it a full turn to assure your bit is perfectly vertical and will not wobble. If it is not straight, you can repeat steps 7 and 8.
  9. Plug in the drill press.
  10. Turn on the laser sights to see the eventual hole location on your piece and use the vice adjustments to position your piece. You may lower the non-turning bit to assure it will drill where you intend. Make sure that, if you drill through your piece you do not drill into the vice metal; you may use a scrap piece of material to hold your piece away from the vice.
  11. Turn on the drill press power (red & yellow switch on top).
  12. If you need to adjust the drill’s RPMs, only do so while the drill is on, and rotating.
  13. Slowly lower the bit so that you penetrate your material at least up to where you reach the bit’s maximum diameter; lower and raise the bit a couple times through the hole to remove debris.
  14. Turn off the drill and unplug it; clean off all debris with the dustpan or vacuum.